Make some coins + snack all in one!

Oohhhh heeeeeyy!


So being a student at Uni, I have recently found some gems I thought I would share with y’all!

As you know of course, uni is an absolute blast (although the first weeks are intense!)  but it is also hard work, and with uni so far, I have had to be bit savvy with the things that I put my time, energy and most importantly my money into.

As great as Student Finance is at putting your mind at ease in terms of expenses at uni, ya still want a lil something, something on the side to cushion ya pocket!

So if you’re like me and the though getting a part - time job not only makes you want to cry, but when mixed in with your workload is an unnecessary added stress, then you need to know how to make a lil mulla on the low low!

Y’all are gonna thank me for this!

So if you follow me on Insta (which you should just saying no biggie….) then you'll always see me repping + going on about the Looker app. Now you may just think it’s self promotion (+ low key it is a little) but apart from that it is an amazing way to get a couple coins in! 


Here’s how it works!

  • Download the app
  • Sign up
  • Take a bomb pic of your outfit
  • Upload it to Looker App
  • Tag the item using Looker’s list of brands, or google ( make sure its the exact item or very similar, this is V important) 
  • Share on any social media platforms + encourage ya friends + followers to follow you on the app
  • For every person who shops the links you post, you earn 5% commission!


wanna shop some lewks??

add me on Looker!


As intense Uni work is, I’ve already found that it’s important make sure you give yourself a day, or even a few hours to treat yo’ self! Butif you're really short on time (literally me ) the best thing you can invest in is a subscription service where you can get yourself a little treat every week or month. Now I personally never got into the hype of magazine subscription, but I love the wave of subscription services nowadays that offer every thing you can think of from make-up to recipe boxes! 

So when The Unibox sent me their October box, I was like a 5 year old on Christmas Day a.k.a me anytime I get something in the post!

Now what I  about their boxes is, it’s a lil bit of everything, from stationary, inspirational quotes, magazine, an amazing book (I’m currently reading the one they sent) and most importantly food







such a good read

A monthly subscription costs around £20. Now I can already hear purse strings closing up, but trust me, imagine you've been working on an assignment for a week and you get home and find cute lil (but not little at all) box waiting with you, filled with food + and a nice book!( I sound like an advert for 40 year old housewives) And btw, you can cancel the subscription anytime! 


I hope you liked this blog post!

I've found these gems such a nice addition to my uni experience!

I hope you do tooooo! 

Just before I go I thought I'd let you know about Black Girl Fest!

A festival celebrating Black British women past, present & future with arts, workshops, panels & entertainment for all ages.

It's happening THIS Sunday!

It's Free!

Annnnd I'm going to be there with my MELANINMVMNT at table 16! It's gonna be amazing, I can't wait, theres going to talks by people like theslumflower , culture uk, and grace victory! + theres gonna be food, giveaways + hella more stuff!