How are we?

I’m Gucci! 


Well it’s all because of these beaut shoes I recently purchased from

As someone who has a very particular dressing preference, I saw the slouch boot trend come back after YSL showcased their  bling’ed out boots, and thought “another trend I can’t incorporate into my wardrobe”




However I had a eureka moment, scrolling through the gram ( as always) when I saw this bright pink knit dress on Monki’s page. They had styled the midi side slit dress with thigh high black patent slouch boots!….only thing was they were flat boots. Now as a girl of average height, I knew that look wouldn’t fly with me!


I then saw the holy grail of extra boots (with a price tag much smaller than the original Balenciaga these boots are modelled after) on's website + the outfit just paired so perfectly in my head.....


Only thing I was worried about was whether they'd actual go together in real life, these weren't exactly subtle trend pieces!

So when these beauties arrived in the mail, I legit shrieked like a little girl then got a little nervous when putting on the whole look......and boyyyyy! 

These boots are something else ( and not just because they hurt like nothing else) but purely because of the extraness they exude, from the high shine metallic finish to the curved pointed toe! They just scream diva + when paired with this adorable dress, take the outfit to new levels!



metallic slouch boots



Now obviously it’s not everyday thigh high metallic boots so here's a more subtle alternative , but when you want to feel a lil special with a dash of diva on one of those dull days these boots + this outfit can make you feel £100000 for under £80

(actually only around £50 with student discount!) 


cosy knit dress


I hope you enjoyed this blog post!

Leave a comment + let me know what you thought, was this look a lewk? Or not?

Have an amazing weekend!