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Christmas Magic w/Spell Beauty

Rebekah MithinjiComment
Christmas Magic w/Spell Beauty

Long time no see, 


As I mentioned in my Uni Life post, I have been busier than a bee with school work and deadlines, and despite the holiday, I have a lot to do still! But that's Uni for ya!


On a lighter note, you would have seen on my Instagram, 

that I was gifted with some luscious lock by the lovely people at SpellBeauty back in September. They sent me their Virgin hair in Natural in the lengths 14’X3 and 1X14” 360 frontal. Now I had never tried a 360 frontal before and being the cheap gal I am I opted to make the wig myself instead of paying someone to do it for me. I won't lie, it wasn't easy to do as a 360 frontal is very different to a frontal in terms of sewing in, but I got there in the end (4 days later!) and this was the finished result. 







I did actually trim the hair as I either like shoulder/ bob length hair or Cardi B inches. There's no in between with me! 

But lemme give ya the scoop on this booommmbb hair!

Before writing any posts about the hair, I wanted to really get a feel for it.

I wore the hair for about 1 month, only because having a 360 frontal isn't comfortable for uni, as I’m in every day and it takes a while to get it perfect in the mornings + I’m not very good at laying a frontal trust me. 

But this hair was and is exceptional, I’ve never had such silky, soft, lightweight yet thick hair in my life. The hair didn't smell "chemically" or unpleasant at all, in fact, it smelt very pleasant. In terms of shedding, it was fine with the occasional strand coming out with brushing daily, but nothing alarming at all. I have had my fair share of shedders over the years trust me, I'm talking a whole track worth of shedding. But this hair did no such thing!

I bleached the knots of the frontal before installing it, for a more natural look, which took to the lace after two applications, but that was no problem. It came out just as I had hoped!

For styling in regards to straightening and curling; the hair was originally a body wave but I straightened it lightly, so it would have a very light curl pattern. I didn't actually get the chance. to curl it, that's not really my jam, but with straightening, the hair looks silky, shiny + has a lot of body.


360 frontal

So as you can tell this hair had me feeling some kind of way, the amount of Snapchat videos in my memories with this hair is rather embarrassing! 



Not only is this hair amazing quality, it's actually very affordable, and I'm very frugal with spending on hair. Trust me. And with bundles starting from £30.99 + sales/ discounts on their site, you'd be mad not to check out

So if you want to treat yourself or your lady to a dash of Christmas magic, Spell Beauty has gotcha!

How gorgeous is this hair tho? One of my favourite styles to date + I can't wait to rock it again for the festive season!

What do you think of the do? Let me know.

I'm very happy to be blogging + putting out content again, I hope you're glad to have me back!