Chilling with the cherry blossoms

Floral details, grungy chokers and big bargains! 

Jacket H&M    T-shirt Ebay    Skirt Bershka      Trainers Topshop

I recently went on a lil spontaneous shopping spree last week to Bluewater, where they've recently opened their new H&M store! It is too much better than the original store they had, which was really cramped and bit claustrophobic (dramatic much?? i think so)

Anybey! As per usual the H&M sale was PWOPPING! I got this beautiful embroidered wide jacket for £20! Its original price was £50 so my debit card was more than pleased w/ me + it was the last one in my size, so I walked out of there feeling like I had  fully finessed H&M!


        Choker Topshop                       Ring Handmade

At first I couldn't quite style the jacket and  thought the jacket was too oversized for me, I've got really scrawny shoulders so I felt like I was being smothered by the jacket, but then I consulted my 24/7, no. 1 stylist in times of need.....Pinterest! Lo and behold I was presented with a whole host of styling options for this exact jacket! Thank you social media!

I found that for this jacket to be centre stage of an outfit I needed to compliment the colours of the jacket and add detail and texture in a way that wouldn't distract from the delicate embroidery. Hence the metallic satin pleated skirt courtesy of Bershka. I got that bad boy in their early spring sale around feb/march, for a beaut £9.99! 

I finished off the outfit with this gorgeous padlock, ring chain choker I got from Topshop, it perfectly complimented the subtle ring zip detail on the jacket, and gave it a more edgy, tomboyish vibe, which my trainers (also from Topshop) played perfectly in to.

I love combining the masculinity and sports luxe vibe of pure white trainers, with more feminine garments and colours, it transforms an ordinary outfit to look like high fashion so effortlessly! I love this outfit and the fact I finally tried out the pleated skirt and trainers look, (although Im behind the trend by a few months) can't wait to style more pleated skirts / dresses this spring and summer!