Rebekah Mithinji

MMXIV...ain't nothing but a number

Rebekah Mithinji
MMXIV...ain't nothing but a number

Channeling my inner Aaliyah...

Skirt Asos           Choker Handmade


While scrolling through Asos' amazing outlet, (a.k.a procrastinating instead of revising for my theory...which I passed this biggie!) I stumbled upon this nice bargain of a skirt, which for me ticked all the boxes. Cheap - £12.50, minimal and white which is just a must have staple for spring and summer. As soon as I saw the skirt, I straightaway was inspired to do an all white Diddy meets Aaliyah ensemble! Hence the bandana.

Fishnets Romwe        Bandana Ebay   Superstars Every Sports Store

I also saw a lookbook recently put up by my major girl crush, @Dazhaneleah which gave me even even more inspo. And serious wardrobe envy. It's a thing, trust me. Look it up!

She is killing the game at the moment and her style is just pure (insert fire emoji here) ! I love the outfits she puts together!

Anyways enough drooling, of course I haaadd to be the most basic and pair the black roman numeral text detail on the skirt, with the black and white stripe details on my Superstars! + the fishnets....I know I'm a times! But aren't we all?

(eye roll)

As much stick as they get, you just can't go wrong with a pair of Superstars they just pull an outfit together so seamlessly. Avoid wearing them with high waisted jeans, crop tops and puffy jackets though, it makes the rest of us Superstar wearers look bad! 

Overall I'm just in love with this outfit, the skirt is made out of a baby soft sweat material and I love the paperbag waist detailing with the belt, it adds a more chic finish to the skirt which the sweat material and text print can take away. Again being a sheep,  (call me Shaun... I know too easy) I paired the high waist of the skirt with an exaggerated crop jumper, which as you know if you have any "insta-baddies" on your timeline is the hottest trend since unblended brow concealer! 

However me being a more conservative kinda gal, I wasn't ready to be wearing a "jumper" the same width as a bra out in public, so I got an old jumper from my brother's closet, and cropped it to a length that avoided me being disowned by my mother.

Apart from the crazy comfort of this outfit, I loved how I felt in it! I didn't just feel petrified of touching anything, anyone or coming into contact with children eating chocolate ice cream, I felt like the coolest backup dancer in a 90's girl group! It was great!

Hope you've been taken back in time to when, eyebrows were thin, butterfly clips were in, low rise jeans were hot and men wore plasters on their faces. 

I had so much fun writing this,I hope had as much fun reading it.

The Aesthetic Lookbook x