Celine By Day

Celine By Day

 Celine dupes and bank robberies!

Flats New Look

After visiting Selfridges a few weeks ago, I saw the Celine Essential Flat V Neck Slingback in their S/S collection.

When I say it was love at first sight, I do not joke!

I.FELL.IN.LOVE (each full stop = handclap)

I legit started thinking of ways to rob a bank or steal the crown jewels! No lie it seemed like a good option at the time!

Obviously my bank account and Celine don't seem to speak the same language, so I gave up hope quite quickly (after comfort eating several creme eggs). 

Until.....Alas I was, as per usual, scrolling through Asos' Outlet section, and these beaut flats caught my eye. Not only because they literally were identical to the Celine Flats, but they were...drumroll please............£11!!

And the crowd goes WILD!!!! 

Anyways after some brief hyperventilation and checking out at the speed of light. I started thinking about styling this majestic item of footwear.

I thought that for these beautiful shoes to get the recognition and appreciation they truly deserve, I should wear all black, it makes them stand out that bit more. Ya know?

So I wore this ruffle hem detail long sleeve dress. But, heres the problem, I looked like a really chic emo, which isn't terrible,but I thought that in the spirit of spring, I needed a pop of colour. So I threw on the most well known jacket since MJ's Thriller jacket!

Although the now iconic mustard jacket is not making a comeback this year, it's pastel siblings are back instore and online. Or if you really want it you can find it here .

To get a clean and streamlined look, that accentuated the simple ring buckle detail of my shoes,I tried to keep my accessories all silver, which wasn't too hard considering my jacket was filled with silver detailing (which compensated for the gold detail on my bag). 

So this outfit was a chilled day outfit, with a touch of french chic, courtesy of my new Celine  dupe babies!

Thank you New Look!

Who I could find such a classic item there!

No shade..................*sips tea*


Let me know what you think!


The Aesthetic Lookbook  x