Staples For The Night

Staples For The Night

Block heels and lab coats? Who'd of thunk it?

Heeled Mules Asos

Lets all just take a minute. It's fine I'll wait. Breathe! They're beautiful I know, its okay!

Now, wipe the drool away people! Lets talk Mule Loafers!

Like the previous post, on my gorgeous Celine dupes these shoes too have captured my heart! They also are similar to that of the Gucci Princetown Heeled Mules , in that they're literally identical minus the crazy price tag! However unlike the Gucci's the heel is blocked and boxy and not curved, which gives a really nice masculine touch. So in the name of all things me, I again matched these fabulous heels with black, (obvs) making sure that there was feminine elegance to contrast the shoes, ticking that androgynous style box!


Maxi White Blazer H&M (similar one here )

How did I achieve androgynous chic you ask? 

I paired it with  the same dress in my Day outfit that has a unique ruffle hem, which is great for adding that ladylike appeal to combat the bulk of the heels...But not so great as it makes the outfit too playful and takes focus away from those little gems on ma feet!

How to rectify this? 

Add a clean white longline duster/lab-coat/blazer hybrid and gold detailing in my accessories.

Chain Necklace Topshop                         Metal Ring Clutch Zara

Before we continue, can we just pause and appreciate how the wind was giving me all sorts of life, looking all windswept and dat!

I love this white duster/blazer for three good reasons:

  1. It's so lightweight
  2. Its perfect for layering
  3. It was £3!

By adding such a simple yet timeless piece, it gives the outfit a high fashion and effortlessly cool vibe, added by the large minimal pockets. It totally transforms the black dress from day to night!

Once matched with the clutch and bold necklace, which perfectly compliments the gold detailing on the mules, you've got a comfortable, simple evening ensemble. 

Let me know what you think!

The Aesthetic Lookbook x