Whats good everyone! 

Before I start this blog post, I just want to say thank you to everyone who DM'd, snapped and messaged me after my last blog post on Big Hair No Care! I got so many lovely comments from both strangers and close friends. Each one made me smile ( and nearly cry) so thank you, its hard to stay motivated especially if you keep looking at the numbers and insights, but I love the little community I have, that read this blog! Thank you.


Righty enough of that,lets get on with it! 


Sooooo...... I have seriuously been girl crushing (I know I have so many) on Julia Sarr-Jamois a.k.a @sarrjamois!

Not only is she rocking a majorly dope fro atm, she is also has crazy chilled style that I could only dream of acheiving! Oh and she's a Senior fashion editor at the coolest magazine, i-D! 

Girl is killing it!! 

What I love about her style is that she has that totally blasé vibe that you'd see with a models off duty look. But instead of the rather boring model off duty style of leggings and a hoodie that you'll see most of the A-list models wearing, she has such a unique style that just screams, 

"I just threw this on, didnt even realise I basically created a new trend". Like How??!!  

*takes deep breath....and composes herself*  

I personally think that her outfits, to everyone else are quite out there and some people might not even like or get them,but what makes her stand out and look 10x better than the next Kardashian, is the confidence she exudes in her outfits, and how she carries herself. I know that my own style, isn't everyone's cup of tea and so I took a leaf out of her very stylish book and tried wearing a on / off duty model look, and accessorising with a few drops of confidence!

Obvs I don't have the beautiful backdrops of the oh so chic Paris for my outfits, to be set against, and Kent just doesnt give off the whole metropolitan queen vibe I was looking to replicate! So when I had the opportunity of going to London earlier this week for a shoot ,(all will be revaled very soon my lovelies!) I just couldn't miss out on getting the perfect location for my outfit + I saw the lovely miss Tanya Burr who awkwardly was taking a OOTD pic exactly where I wanted to take mine! Uurrgghh!!




I paired a totally chill sweat dress from Pull and Bear that I picked up this week, with my hella James Dean'esque faux leather jacket, to give the outfit that effortlessly cool look. I left the accessing to a minimum to make the outfit clean and minimal + I'm majorly accessorising with confidence!

I finished the look with these killer mules, ( literally killer, for a bambi walking chic like me these heels felt like actual death, hence why I look drop dead gorgeous.....im sorry.. i'll leave) to make it that bit more on duty than off!

So take a lil look and let me know if I was wearing my confidence.

(check below this gallery for the outfit deets )

Jacket H&M        Dress Pull and Bear      Heels New Look    Sunnies Primark

(selling the heels on depop )