May Faves



Each one of these products has earned their place on May faves lists ; you're about to find out why!







I  actually got this lotion in January for my birthday from my dear friend Rachel, who I love even more for bringing this majestic 236 ml bottle of joy into my life! I can't even describe how good it smells! Its argon oil lotion, ( all my natural sistas calm  down we can put on our body not just in our wash and go's!)  infused with Mango and Papaya! Now if that doesn't already sound like literal heaven, imagine how it smells! When I say this makes me feel like I've just walked out of every single Herbal Essences commercial ever made, I. DO. NOT. LIE!!

Apart from it smelling like the best thing since sliced bread, it is very moisturising, after you put it on your legs they feel like actual silk, no joke! But with this, a little goes a looooooong way! So you don't need much to get that Lupita glow!


leaves ya feeling fresh with a capital F!

Now I love me some Simple, honestly its always so gentle and light on the skin, it never feels like you've caked on the lotion, so when I was browsing in Boots and I saw this bad boy, I decided to give it a whirl! I usually don't vibe with face mask, as most are usually too intense for my very sensitive skin, but this face mask is does exactly what it says on the tin! Kind to Skin! You leave it on for 3 minutes and wash it off with a warm cloth, and BOOM! Skins left feeling like a lil baby's! For anyone looking to do a deep cleanse without the feeling of your skin being ripped off (which people seem to love) then try this Simple face mask  (sponsored by Simple.....lool I jest, we aint just there yet)










Now the last two of my four faves, are by Aromatherapy Associates. If the name doesn't just drip with the sound of money, their prices do! This hydrating orange flower hand lotion is travel size (10ml) but it is packing hydration!! The full size bottle  is gonna set ya back around £20-£35, but its fine, that's what Student finance is for, and like I always say + will say till my dying day;


*My parents brought me back the Aromatherapy Associate beauty bag you get from BA first class lol! I'm not gonna pretend I can afford this, but honestly this hand cream is amazing!*

This hand lotion again smells amazing! It's got such a punchy citrusy smell. Now when I saw "orange" on the bottle, I was like skkrrr! I hate the smell of orange so I was ready to be smelling like a reception class at break time! *gags* But  girrrrllll! This hand lotion had me smelling and feeling like a silky actress from the 60's who doesn't walk  but glides into rooms, leaving a trail of flowers and singing birds behind her!

Cop yourself some Aromatherapy Associates girl! 



In case you hadnt noticed, I have rather big eyes. Big eyes = BIG BAGS! This is a huge problem for me, as I don't wear makeup so when I'm tired (from watching Netflix till 2 am) you'll know it! Then along came this tiny little purple miracle, which has CHANGED. MY . LIFE! 

Honestly it really firms the veeerryy delicate area under your eyes and makes you look like you've slept for a good thousand years. Its so light you barely even feel it under the eyes! This might be my holy grail item ladies! Sorry Deep Steep Argon Oil Lotion! If you've got Primani looking bags under the eye this serum WILL transform them to Zara bags in seconds!

Seriously for all my deer - eyes gyaldem, you have to try this stuff!

I hope I've given some inspo, next time you feel like adding a new item into your skincare regime, and I hope you've gotten to know me a lil more! As always it was a blast writing this! I  hope you've loved reading it!

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The Aesthetic Lookbook x