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In one of my latest posts (on/off duty go check it out!) I talked about heading up to London for a shoot. I promised all would be revealed and I keep my promises, so I can now tell you, I was at a shoot for a very new clothing brand that launched last Wednesday (VERY NEW!). 

The brand is called MELANIN MVMNT. and they're clothing is lit! At the moment they're focusing on making slogan tees for the summer before they launch they're big collection for A/W 2017. They even let me see the designs and it looks amazing, I can't wait to get my hands on the collection!

They invited me to take some pictures for their new slogan tees, but most importantly their limited edition pink 'don't get lost in the sauce' tee.

Which have just been released for a limited time on their website!!

 I love the message of this tee, not only is it light hearted and chill, but it actually has a deeper meaning. We are so caught up in the hype of social media and the numbers, how many likes we get etc, it's so easy to lose sight of the importance of the real world you're living in, not just the one in your hand. 

I think this slogan tee also relates to other situations as well, like school, I know for a fact this time last year I was caught up with exams, revision and uni, that I became so stressed to the point where my health was being affected, all because I couldn't take myself out of that situation. I really got lost in the sauce!

I'm just gonna take this time to wish everyone whether they're doing GCSE's, A-Levels, dissertations  or even their SAT's , GOOD LUCK! Whatever happens, happens and don't forget to ACTUALLY pray before that exam, I did it before every exam and it calmed me down so much to know it was all in God's hands. 

*deep life lessons aside*

The shoot was so much fun, we were in Notting Hill, which is just beaut with all the different coloured houses and cute lil cafes, it's just instagram goals!

FullSizeRender 2.jpg

minimal feed heaven!




big up happy endings


I got to know the brand and future plans, let me tell you what they've got coming is V exciting! Keep your eyes peeled guys! 

Anyways I went for laid back look, and I styled their Limited Edition pink tee, with a vintage Levis skirt, I thrifted in LA's best thrift store JetRag, which btw, if you're ever in LA , have an amazing Sunday $1 event every weekend!

*If anyone wants to see a thrift haul / styling blog post or even a lookbook video, let me know, I'd love to! I got a lot of stuff from that store, I almost went over the baggage limit!*


i hade to wait for tanya burr to leave so that i could take my pic here! #mommaimadeit

I paired the denim skirt with a detailed western belt, and opted for my new fave faux leather jacket and best pair of flat shoes I own atm! ( check out my Celine by Day blog post to find out why I'm OBSESSED w/ these shoes) I chose the jacket and shoes and my gorg chain choker, as they have such minimal silver detail, that effortlessly compliments the detailing on my belt.

don't get lost in the sauce tee 



This tee literally goes with anything, (might do a lookbook post on it....let me know *aliyah voice*) it so light and breezy, perfect for this summer, (if it ever decides to happen) and can easily be styled up or down.

Not to mention pink is IN this spring/ summer / basically winter still ! 

In conclusion, I'm majorly crushing on this tee and MELANIN MVMNT.

Let me know what y'all think of this outfit and do ya girl a favour and check out their tees! Give me a lil message if you buy one, would love to see how you guys have styled it!

 Get 10% off the orange 'don't get lost in the sauce' tee with the code MM10

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it!

The Aesthetic Lookbook x