My little getaway....

Now if follow me on instagram (seriously you should, its @iamnkirote....just hit follow....its fine i'll wait....) you would have seen what seemed to be me jetting off to Portugal very randomly! Thats because it totally was! I booked my flight and accommodation the night before, just because I couldn't take being in England for another week and doing the same routine #firtworldproblems! (jks my fam just wanted to do a lil getaway)...flash forward to Tuesday evening I'm on a flight to a small seaside city named Faro. (technically I was in Vilamoura, but tomato, tomato)

Firstly don't book late ever! Why you ask? Well, when you book that late you don't usually find good accommodation at a reasonable price!  But the Looord had other plans for me! I stayed at this super chic, boutique'esque vibe apartment complex called Laguna Resort! It was beautiful, the landscape, the interior the whole place was just lovely...just take a look at the pics

I don't just go on holiday to get a tan (yes I CAN tan), sit by the beach and read a magazine although I did all of the above, I really love to explore the area I'm in. And let me tell ya, Vilamoura, Algarve and Faro are the most chill places to take a walk and immerse yourself in the local culture.( I get why old people do it now)  The roads in Faro are all cobbled and preserved from the rococo/baroque era and the tiny streets are laden with little restaurants, gelato shops and random shops selling bags made out of cork ( new SS17 trend ??) .


Vilamoura is more glamouros, with its famous and usually celeb dotted marina filled with yachts and as many Louis V bags the eye can see! This is the area we stayed in ( cause we boujee!) and enjoyed the pristine kept gardens, ridiculous mansions and amazing food! Honestly if you're ever in Vilamoura you should definitely visit the marina, its absolutely beautiful (+perfect for insta pics) l! Im seriously fangirling over this place, deffo visiting again!


I know y'all didn't all come here just to see my pics from my little retreat! Y'all came for the tea, and the tea (iced due to the weather) is all in my lookbook vid! Drink it all up, I know ya thirsty! Enjoy!

Now in case you were enjoying the amazing editing skills and visuals, and missed the details of my outfit then here ya go!

*plus theres a bonus outfit in this little collection too!


Shirt + Skirt H&M


Can we please talk about this belt-dress combo! I thrifted this dress while I was in LA, and I sort of left it afterwards, as I didn't really know how to style it. Anyways I bought this belt in like December from boohoo, but it wouldn't fit through the loops in my skirts so again I left it.  Till like a week ago I was unpacking my clothes for summer (so organised right) and I found the dress, stared at myself in it in the mirror while pretending to be a beautiful princess (we all do it let's not lie now) had a lil eureka moment, and paired it with this belt! I am very happy with the outcome, not to mention this gives me major Gucci Double G Marmont Belt vibes riiggghhhtt???!!





Shirt Dress - Urban Outfitters, Mules - eBay , Sunnies - Primark















airport attire















 jacket thrifted 

dress pull + bear

Honestly this dress is crazy comfortable, its like wearing a sac, and not the bad kind. I personally hate tight clothes, so I always opt for something hella loose when travelling. I will never understand why women wear their clubbing outfits to go  from Luton to Glasgow, like chill honey! Plus this dress allows me to eat as much duty free food without people seeing my 3 month food baby!

I hope you enjoyed this blog post, I had a blast in Portugal, like I really need to go again! Let me know what you thought of the outfit and lookbook! Leave a comment and subscribe for both here and Youtube!

The Aesthetic Lookbook x