Masai Chic

Masai Chic

Bringing Masai chic to Kent...

Happy Hump Day!

Lets get into this lil look, put together by yours truly!

I picked up this gorgeous Masai looking printed slip dress in late Feb, during the most wonderful time of year (apart from Christmas obvs ).....the Zara sale!!

I think I got it for something silly like £9.99, I dunno it was all a beautiful blur of red price tags and gift cards! Anyways after I got it, I only wore it like 3 times, due to the joke that England calls "spring". I found that I was wearing it only with contrasting colours like white or black tees underneath, which gave me a very 90's angry teen look. Not that I don't luuurrvve the whole slip dress, tee and choker vibe don't get me wrong I live for it, but I wanted to see how I could dress this dress up!

*Inset If you'll pardon the pun meme here*

Now at first, I thought of wearing a satin shirt underneath, to give me that LFW " I just threw this very expensive looking outfit together seamlessly no biggie" vibe, but it didn't really go, probably because I really don't give of that aura, but also it was too contrasting.

So I thought of something crazy......why not match the colours and wear a red tee underneath a red dress??!  Irk, crazy.

And thats what I did! And the finished look is just...well.......see for yourself!

Heeled Mules Asos

I know....I look great! #humble

Picked up this super chill leather jacket and dainty lil red lettuce edge top from H&M, both on sale!

The (faux) leather jacket was £15 (from £30)  and the top only £4!! What I love about this jacket is how light it is! I have two other leather jackets that are sooooo nice (and cost me a pretty penny) but they're just to warm for what is supposedly spring/summer, so I can't wear them. They can sometimes overpower my more delicate outfits for spring, so this jacket was the perfect fit to do the job. Also you can do a lil bit of layering with it, although I would suggest getting a size up if you plan on doing that.

B.t.dubs H&M are having 20% off for students for a limited time, forget the looming fear of exams, treat yo' self!

Now if you're wondering about these very extra, bad and boujee, Anna Wintour shades I'm rocking, I'm happy to announce  they're from our bank account's favourite store, Primark a.k.a Primani.

They were an absolute steal at £3 ( i think......they're no higher than £4) and make me look 'spensive as anything! I love the leopard detail on the rims, but most of all I love that its matte! There is nothing I hate more in this world than tacky looking leopard print anything, which is why I usually steer clear from it most time, but these glasses were just perfect!



To compliment the rather dainty detailing of the lettuce hem on my top, I paired it with this adorable lil moon necklace, I got from H&M for 50p! I know, it's getting silly now!










I paired this laid back, yet chic look with my favourite heels from Asos and my all time fave backpack from Skinny-dip, which just gives me life with its (faux, calm down vegans) croc skin effect. 

Backpack SkinnyDip

Lets ignore that random white mark thats appeared on this pic........

Lets ignore that random white mark thats appeared on this pic........

As ALWAYS I had soon much fun shooting these pics and writing this blog post, and I really hope you had as much fun reading it!

Let me know what you think x