BIG hair with a small price tag! 


Now if you follow me on Instagram (which you should its lit!) @iamnkirote, you would have seen me raving about my new natural textured clip ins I bought from Big Hair No Care!

I have been following their brand and founder on instagram since they launched around April 2016. The company first started off on the well known Black hair website  (the online version of Paks) ,  but its success grew (you'll see why) and they now have their own website

I had been contemplating buying from them as their hair is synthetic and I wanted to keep my hair street red by wearing dat braziilliiann and malaysiiannn, however I have seen soon many well known instagramers rocking the clip ins and they looked so natural , I decided to live by my motto:

Treat yo' Self!

And I did! I jumped on their website, got the longest length (that I was willing to pay for, i know I'm cheap!) and didn't even look at my bank card..why......because for once I DIDN'T feel its imaginary eyes boring into me because these clip ins only cost me £40!!

Now I know some of you reading this may be human hair veterans to the day you die, I too love human hair but you know what? I felt like wearing extensions that my mother wouldn't start claiming would eat my skull! If you hadn't got it by now, she hates human hair.

When I got this hair I legit couldn't stop smiling! I was sooo excited to try it out and have a hair do with Zero Drama!

I bought 1 pack of the Zero Drama Queen in the colour 1B in 18 inches.  Before buying it I consulted with the lovely ladies at Big Hair No Care about how many bundles I should use, and they recommended 2 bundles/packs. However (although the video may not look like it) my hair is rather thick in the middle and top of my head, my problem areas are just my nape and my tips. 

Before you click to watch the video let me give you some more details:

- The hair is synthetic, so it requires very little manipulation (hence no care !) + its 100% ethical

- Big Hair No Care is black owned business (can I get a amen!) founded by my alter ego/ year round inspo Freddie Harrel!  . She is just amazing! She's a mum, businesswoman, blogger and runs amazing workshops to help women with their confidence and self esteem!

*girl crush moment over*

- There are 10 pieces in one bundle: 1 x 9'' with 4 clips / 1 x 7'' with 3 clips / 2 x 6'' with 3 clips, / 6 x 1.5'' with 1 clip.   37'' in total!

- IT BLENDS PERFECTLY WITH 3C - 4C NATURAL HAIR! (if you don't know about these hair categories, google it theres a whole host of info on it)

18" cost me £40!! Prices start at £35 for 14". Students you're welcome :)

Anyways they're super easy to install, enough rambling enjoy the vid

(disclaimer: im not a youtuber i just had to upload to youtube to get it on here)

Can you see why I love this hair so much?! I went from raggedy ol' house girl (granted my hair was dryyyyyyyyyy) to some spoken word baddie, with a few clip ins! This is my summer look locked down!


Thank you Big Hair No Care! (they didn't sponsor this lol, I wish) 

Now if you're not a big fro kinda gal, they also do No Stress Princess clip ins which are basically kinky straight textured. There's something for everyone!

Let me know what you think? Leave a comment on the youtube video, subscribe to this blog or the channel, have a break have a kitkat .... I dunno??!!

Hope you loved reading this as much I loved wearing the hair!

The Aesthetic Lookbook x