So last week I had a creative spark , which caused me to purchase some:

Marble Contact Paper

Gold Spray Paint

Gold Glitter Spray

You may be wondering why? Well this is what happens after spending too much time on Pinterest and watching hella DIY hacks!  

So after bingewatching all those videos, I looked around my sparatically clean room, and found a few items I could spruce up, with the above materials. 

Those being my very bland and basic looking: clock, vase , tray and pencil holder.


*riveting stuff i know!

I personally love a minimal, monochrome bedroom, with light and dusky colours e.g creamy whites, grey, and baby pink. 

However after buying these gorgeous statement (faux) leaves, I started thinking about switching up ma look + styling it in and around the things in my room!


artificial leaf

And being the mood-board nut that I am, I decided to make a mood-board from Pinterest to really see how these colours mix and match!

So without further ado.....

looking pretty drab


use metallic gold spray paint

spray at a safe distance of (i dunno) and spray evenly over the surface - i mean its not rocket science!


Add a lil sparkle spray for good measure....( i feel like a 12 year old!) 



You can't tell me this doesn't look like it's straight out a Pinterest interior pinboard!

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Hope you enjoyed this blog post!

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