Look like a million bucks for the price of a Nando's

Today we talk about the most expensive looking item I've ever seen in the cheapest place on earth!

dress monki

£12.99 (on ASOS)

Just before we jump into this juicy blog post, lets just talk about one of my most comfortable dresses! I bought it from Monki the night before I went on holiday (thank goodness for Asos Prime) and it was perfect for the heat! Its so light, breezy and has a lil tactical slit at the back which makes it very cool when you're walking around! I love how minimal and clean the lines / hemming is makes it look a lot more contemporary + expensive than it is #finessing! 

bag new look

top zara


Take it gorgeous are these shoes! They're giving me Marrakesh medina souk vibes! I feel like I got this from hella 'pensive boutique in like Cannes ya know! But ladies here is the best bit!!

These lil gems for ma feet, only cost me


Thats the price of a Nandos meal, I can wear shoes that make me look like my daddy owns Microsoft , for the price of a 1/4 chicken! (yes I know the menu very well...pls don't judge)  

Oh I do love Primark!


So for this outfit I chose to pull a main block colour (blue) from the shoes, and keep it very minimal, as the shoes have a very in depth pattern, that makes them the focal point of the outfit. I also wanted to compliment the texture of the shoes, so I paired the blue dress and white top, with this gorgeous velvety/suedette bag from New Look, gifted to my by my lovely friend Daisy! I think it paired well with the clean cut of my dress and added to the (faux) luxury look the shoes give. 


mule / backless loafer

Primark £8


So if you're in town, Westfield or find yourself wandering aimlessly in an ALWAYS busy Primark and want to buy a statement piece that won't break the bank, then cop these shoes! Y'all can thank me later! 

Hope you enjoyed this blog post!