Been a while, but ya girls back! 

And I'm back with a big one!


I have collaborated with KoKo Couture, an accessories and extension brand found in Topshop and online on their website  to make a pastel pink lookbook featuring their gorgeous Maddison Faux Leather Handbag In Pink! 


Can we just.....this bag is just so beaut, I really cannot! Plus it's only £15!!


Anyways in this blog post I'll be styling the bag for a day and night so without further ado....

*disclaimer* everything I'm wearing apart from the bag is last season ( so no longer in stock) but I have linked  identical items in the picture descriptions


                                                           BAG  KOKOCOUTURE       TRAINERS  H&M  

                                                           BAG KOKOCOUTURE   TRAINERS H&M  

This is my day look. With this look I wanted the bag to compliment everything I was wearing and for the whole outfit to just flow and I think I achieved that! Now I didn't go out and buy a whole new outfit, I just found old clothes in my wardrobe that fit the colour pallete of this bag, threw them together and voila! I think its really important in summer or any season for that matter, to not feel like you have to and get a whole new wardrobe for that season but to find a statement peice you can pair with a number of the clothes you already have and mix and match! 

                                                          JACKET PLT

                                                         JACKET PLT

This first outfit gives me major Insta baddie vibes I wont lie! But it's hella comfy and warm (this particular day was freezing) . As the outfit is quite street-wear, I wanted to incorporate the bag (as it's rather fancy) in a way that it would be statement, but not interfere with the whole look. So I opted to wear it like a fanny pack, which btw is no longer reserved for tourists, they are making a comeback! Anyways I think wearing the bag in this way gives the outfit a whole new look and glams it up without making it too girly ( i think the pink does that for it!)



My second look was all about dressing up to match the bag. Whenever I want to make an outift look more "night" appropriate I always try to use materials that look expensive. For example this satin look shirt paired with a statement gold necklace (to compliment the gold detailing on the bag) gives the look a little mo' mulla! To make it less formal I tied it as crop top just above the waistband of this adorbs metallic pleated skirt!


                                                                MULES ASOS

                                                               MULES ASOS

I finished off the  ensemble with my fave dressy shoes from Asos which fitted perfectly with the whole look!


What do you think of the bag? Yay? Nay? Did I nail the night + day look? Hotel? Trivago..

Hope you enjoyed this lookbook, let me know what you thought in the comments below!

Thank you KoKoCouture for collaborating with me on this post! 

Go check them out in Topshop and online they're having a super sale on right now!