Hola Hola!

I'm not going to waste your time with an intro let's just jump right into it!

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Can we talk about this skirt! 

Its giving me major "red flamenco dancer emoji" vibes! 

Not to mention this lil gem was only


Asos is having major sale on atm, 70% off everything onsite!

I thought I'd pair the light pink with this shocking red, crop lettuce edge tee. I'm in love with the contrast, it's so extra I lav it!

And the maroon velvet bag.....girl....I know! It adds so much texture and richness to the outfit!

Not to mention it gives major 90's/clueless/blair waldorf/ gossip girl vibes. Which I'm very much here for!



Now lets talk about these creps! How adorable are they! Giving me major trust fund baby vibes!

These babies were only 

£3 from Primark!

I personally think silver / metallics and red look amazing together, its so bold and colourful, which is little out of my comfort zone! However venturing out paid off, the slip ons tie this bright outfit together so nicely.

I don't think I can stop singing these mules' praises ( till they completely disintegrate on me!) 

They were such a good find, seriously go check the Primark summer sale, it's cray.

I'm still reeling from the whole purchase! I could barely believe it a'self! £3? Mental!

ruffled curve hem midi . 


                                                                                    IGNORE MY MOODY FACE, I'M ACTUALLY VERY EXCITED BY THIS OUTFIT!

                                                                                    IGNORE MY MOODY FACE, I'M ACTUALLY VERY EXCITED BY THIS OUTFIT!

I paired the gold detailing (although a harsh contrast to the shoes) of my bag with this statement chain necklace I got from Topshop a few months ago. 

I thought I would switch up the pace with a quick shoe and t-shirt change! 

NGL I always feel way more comfortable in a pair of trainers and a skirt, but I just had to show off those silver beautiess!


Hope you enjoyed reading this! 


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