August Faves

Let's talk Disney princesses and clogged pores!


Hi guys

I hope y'all are good, because I am! 

My cockiness aside, I am very happy at the moment with how my skin is looking! As conceited as that may sound, my skin has been through alot this last year. From stress acne during my A-Level exams, clogged pores , to bad scarring after a spot (granted I did pop most of them, but that's no the point) . The point is I have changed a few things and started using a few products which have legit transformed my skin, so I thought I'd let you guys know about it! 

Sooo let's just dive in  (ooohh imma about to dive innn....)

First thing I have changed is my water intake. Now I heard alot of bloggers, wise beauty gurus and my mum (who legit has better skin than me) tell me that increasing your water intake completely changes your skin. I was drinking about half a litre most days but I've changed that to 2-3 litres a day, and booii! My skin is pwopping! It is hella soft, hella glowy, and hellla dewy! Not to mention is doing wonders for my eyebrows. Every girls dream. 

Who knew a lil hydrogen and oxygen could make ya girl look this good! 


FullSizeRender (15).jpg

*AS Chemistry come thruu!

The next thing about to share with you will change ya life. It is my holy grail item! 


Ladies and gentlemen please welcome to the stage...



aloe vera gel

This right here, is a game changer. I first heard about it from the lovely Lydia Dinga a fellow Kenyan ( +254 represent!!) and an amazing Youtuber, who skin also happens to be pwopping severly! Aloe Vera gel has helped remove scarring, it is so moisturing and best of all it gives you Anastasia Beverly Hills level highlight for £4 !

look at that highlight tho ?!

look at that highlight tho ?!

And lastly, but most definitely not least Elenge Skin!

Now I don't know if you can tell, but I love natural products at moment for my skin, so when Elenge reached out to collaborate, I was absolutely thrilled; I love their aesthetic on Instagram and I lurrve their products even more! 

They sent me their Coffee Body Scrub, Body Butter + Lip balm. I've now been using their products every day for a week and it has been a week of me feeling like a Disney Princess; singing birds and all! 


image1 (2).JPG


I used the body and facial scrub in the shower and it leaves you so moisturised and soft afterwards, you legit feel like  butter! And you get the exact same results with their actual body butter.

That stuff had me feeling some type of way! Giving me all kinds of natural goddess glow!

And finally the lip gloss. WOW. That stuff not only smells like actual heaven it feels like it too. My lips have never experienced such luxury!

+ it's all 100% natural ingredients too like, Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Rosehip Oil and Aloe Vera Gel!


I really thought I was doing bits for garnier!

Thank you Elenge Skin for sending me your amazing products! Guys go check them out all their products are 100%  natural, handmade and ingredients are from Congo!

So I hope you enjoyed this blog post about my August Favourites, let me know what ya thought and hopefully you find some new tips, and products to up you skincare game!