Let's talk Jimmy Fallon, living a double life and comparison

Hey I hope you're all well!

Now this is quite a different post for me, that I've have been contemplating about posting for a few months. So I decide to do a lil blog / video mashup to get all my points across. 

As you may or may not know, I am on my gap year at the moment, which is sadly coming to an end very soon, and I will be going to UAL to study architecture this October!

So I started my gap year as soon as I finished Year 13, last year and after getting place  at UAL (with deferred entry)  in 2016, I began thinking about what I wanted to achieve with my first proper break from education in about 14 years! At first I really had my heart set on going travelling but I wasn't working during my A-Levels so I didn't really have enough coins to take me travelling and there was no way I'd spend half of my gap year working just to save money,

I'm too bougiiee hunny!!

So I thought instead of short term, I'm going to invest in myself this year, long term and create something where I can be making money while I sleep. Which I can proudly say I'm doing!

Although I didn't 'find myself' in Bali, I did do a lil bit of travelling! I went to the one place I have dreeaaammed of going to for the longest time,


Yeah so I went to America for a just about a month! I went to New York , met Jimmy Fallon (no biggie!!) , I went to Washington DC, saw Barack Obama, Will Smith, Oprah, Stevie Wonder and the Roots ( again and for the last leg of our America trip we went to LA and San Fransisco!

Now if anyone wants to hear about my trip and some great stories from that trip let me know in the comments!

Apart from America (the best trip of my life) I also travelled around Europe every now and then this year including the Czech Republic, Portugal and Italy, so I feel pretty well travelled for my gap year!


I learnt a lot about myself this year and a lot about other people too! So I made a video to summarise things I learnt from my amazing gap year. I really hope you like it, the video was kind of last minute, but I thought it's better than having to scroll through a whole blog post!


If you didn't get it in the video I've put down some of the points from it! 


1. You don't need to tell everyone what's going on. Keep your goals and ambitions between you and you!

2. You are amazing when you're not in a toxic environment, but when you're in an environment that allows you to grow

3. Love the skin you're in. Your melanin, you.

4. God is so good and when you ask him, believing, he will provide for you

5. Your family is dope! For me this gap year has been amazing in terms of my relationship with my parents, I've grown closer to them and have a new found love for my (somewhat dysfunctional) family

6. Don't compare yourself to other people. Comparison is the theif of joy, and you have something no-one else has and you never know whats really going on behind closed doors, social media is just a highlight reel!

7. Put yourself out there + in uncomfortable situations and amazing things will happen

8. Always wipe your mouth before answering the door to avoid having a 10 minute convo with your postman, with crumbs on your face!