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February Favourites

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February Favourites


Can you believe we're heading into March!

This year needs to slow down!

Now I have been very inactive on the blog and I really want to change that, I want to do deeper blog posts that are not just fashion, but topics that you guys want to hear about. So look out for that. I also wanted to mention I will be releasing podcast episodes with my brother in the very near future, so keep your eyes peeled for that too!

Okay, now I'm done yapping away. 

Let's get into these favourites!

So first up, my best purchase this year so far. This gorgeous cord Baker boy hat I purchased at the end of January from Topshop. I have always loved the baker boy hat trend, but after having a not so great experience with an Asos one, I thought I'd never go back. But what kind of blogger would I be without a bake boy hat huh?

If you're not following me on Instagram then lucky you, because I have been posting snaps in this amazing basic piece all over my feed. I'm gonna try and break the addiction, but as soon as a spot comes along, this baby is going right back on my 'lil' melon!


Next up is basically joined at the hip with my baker boy hat! It's these gorgeous extreme pointed cat eye glasses. I had seen these sunnies all over my Instagram, but it was always sold out, so as soon as it went back in stock I got my mitts on it as quickly as possible.

Much like the hat, it's such a staple piece and can totally transform an outfit from 'meh' to 'me likey' real quick. I thought I wouldn't suit them as they are quite a bold piece. And I know some of you are looking at these glasses with your cursor hovering over the 'add to bag' icon, but trust me ADD! You won't regret the purchase trust me!


Again if ya follow me on the gram you'll know about this one.

Knit midi skirts.

These for me, are a staple for winter, they're so easy to style, soooo comfy and go with everything. I have been rocking these all day, every day!  I just want to take a moment thank Zara sales for hooking your girl up with these knit skirts.

Their sale, (not sure if it's still going on) reduced these skirts from £30 down to £5! One of the reasons they're on my favourites!


Okay enough about fashion, I thought I would switch the content on my favourites. I thought I'd do a blogger/Instagram favourites. I have discovered so many bloggers and Instagrammers over the last few months and they're giving major inspiration for my content and make me want to take my content to another level!

So here's a just few of my Fashionista Favourites! 




I love this girl! Every picture she post is so crisp and her style is effortlessly cool yet chic.Not to mention her hair is always looking laidt!





A favourite internet friend, this girl serves you editorial realness all day every day! If you want to classy, minimal fashion, this girl is for you.




Love this chicka! Found her page and blog last year and got to know her through Instagram. She seamlessly goes from streetwear to editorial style perfectly, not to mention she's a lovely girl!




This girl right here is such #girlboss! Her stories always motivate me to get my life together, not to mention I love her fashion sense as a modest fashion blogger, she always gives me outfit inspo.




Last but certainly not least, Sarah! If you're looking for a girl to hook you up with bargains and look like a boss (except for me of course lol!) then this girl needs to be on your follow/subscribe list. Not to mention she was lovely enough to help me out with my brand when I first started out!



Now I know for a fact I've missed out loads of others, but I'll be doing these lil appreciations on from now on the blog and insta, so I can shout out all my gals!

Just a quick note, I wanna say to all the bloggers that just like me are working hard to make content, be seen and have engagement with their content,

keep going!

Its so disheartening not seeing results straight away and thanks to Instagram our pictures aren't being seen straight away either! But keep making content, keep being inspired and motivated by others and mostly keep leaving the nice comments, replying to each others stories, and engaging with other bloggers/content creators.

I speak from experience, one small comment , (or even an emoji) showing appreciation for the hard work you've put into that one instram/blog/video post can turn your whole day or week around!

Anyways, I hope you've enjoyed this blog post! Let me know your fashionista favourites, leave some of your fave accounts below or just leave a comment. 

Have an amazing rest of the week!

and wrap up warm (UK subbies)!