It's All about balance

Let’s talk UHU, A1’s and the Snapchat update.

Before I began Uni last year I remember thinking how great it would be to be attending CSM and writing a fashion blog, and that I would be rolling out blog posts even more, as I'd have constant fashion inspiration daily.

Oh naive lil Becki!  

That was not the case.

What I didn't realise even after reading several articles about it, was that architecture ( my degree) is like having a full-time job. It's not your usual degree where you know how many hours you'll be in for, or need to complete by the end of the year, there isn't that ability to plan your life around the course. Now I just want to say, that I'm not coming for anyones degree, I know uni is hard no matter what, but from talking to friends doing other courses and living my own reality, there is a contrast. I'm not complaining (or maybe I am) what I'm trying to establish with this, is that architecture + blogging = water and oil. They don't really mix. 

Polka Dot Skirt  Zara

Polka Dot Skirt Zara

However that is where the great power of perseverance has been tested for me, although it hasn't always won! I really thought I had it all figured out, but after sitting at my desk in the early hours of the morning with UHU glue firmly attached to both my hands somehow and a collapsing greyboard model sitting in front of me, I realised maybe I don't.  

And that is fine. But the only way to change that, isn't to start planning and scheduling, because that's as useful as the new Snapchat update, if I don't have the right mental approach to my situation. As easy as it is to complain about me not being able to post or write a blog post because I have to finish my A1's or analytical drawings, it doesn't get me anywhere. I think as students theres a tendency to complain about a course or an aspect of it without changing anything in ourselves. And after having a long chat with my mum (as you do when you've reached the end of you thether, and as she always has the right answer, whether I want to hear it or not) I realised, I need to find balance. 

JPEG image-2F488E47E31E-1.jpeg

silver ring stack

JPEG image-2F488E47E31E-3.jpeg

diagonal knit sweater

I have two more years left. There will always be deadlines and elements of frustration, but how can I curve it and have time for my passions, which are my blog, my Instagram and my clothing brand (because boy have I neglected that). Honestly I don't 100% know but I do know as of right now I'm changing my mindset, I'm trying to be way more positive. And it is really hard. Only now am I planning in advance, not giving myself unrealistic deadlines and tasks for uni, which I don't complete and then beat myself over, and then complain that I'm losing engagement and subscribers , because I don't post, because my course takes too much time etc etc.

That chain of thinking right there is toxic. Not just metaphorically but physically for my body. 

No, I'm trying everyday now, to make time for my Instagram and blog whenever I can. My education has to come first at the moment as I'm paying for it. But I love social media, so I need to grab my scales, hit that weird button, reset and find a balance. This is what I hope to achieve over this next month off from uni. I have alot of free time , but I also have alot of work, but I also won’t let something that inspires and motivates me to be put to one side. If I do that, I’ll be miserable and I’m too cute to be sad hunny!

JPEG image-2F488E47E31E-4.jpeg

I hope this post hasn’t brought you down, it’s an introspective for me really, a thought process I have been having these last few months. I think a lot of students constantly have this battle but in their minds. Me writing this has been like a lil therapy session, I feel way more confident in what I have said here, than when I first started writing the post. Yes I haven’t reached a conclusion, but that’s not the nature of these sorts of processes you go through, and I think that’s something that we, living in a very fast paced, quick results kind of age have to realise.