365 Days Later

365 Days Later

Let's talk blowing up, comparison and your mum's WhatsApp picture


Happy 1 year anniversary/ birthday!


To you!

When I say to you, I’m not talking to my blog or domain name. I’m talking to you. Reading this blog post, hoping I’m leading up to something. Apart from me starting this blog to share my style and have an excuse to take pictures on cute days (I’m joking....) I started it to share with you. Back in at the beginning of my gap year, I began posting pictures on Instagram of my outfits and I got great responses from girls who got some inspiration on how to style that midi they had left in the wardrobe so long, and after a few suggestions of starting a platform to share these outfits, I finally chose to start theaestheticlookbook.com. 


This wasn’t my first rodeo at blogging. I started one I think in year 8/9 after a what I thought at the time was a fashionable haul at Primani! I wish I could remember my login details so I could show you baby face Becki posing for days. Anyway long story short, I’m trying to say that I have always wanted to share my style, as (and I mean this in the most non-narcissistic way possible) it’s quite unique. I don’t mean break the internet unique, I mean relatively different to 75% of what you see on your TL.  

So starting this blog was a big deal for me as I I thought no one would be interested and I wouldn’t grow or see any fruits of my labour, so to speak.That being said, I haven’t exactly blown up and I attribute that to a number of factors such as consistency, lack of knowledge at the beginning and sometimes just plain laziness. Blowing up in my eyes is not being recognised on the street or by large brands but by the people enagaging with you and who are invested in what you’re doing.

Comments on my Instagram or the occasional one on a blog post is recognition. The feedback, positive words and motivation let me know that what I’m putting out isn’t falling on deaf ears. And for that I’m truly grateful. Each one does make me smile and give me inspiration for the next picture or post. Those are the fruits of my labour that is my growth, the gradual rise in my subscribers, is an affirmation. You have something to offer.  

But don’t get it twisted, at the back of my mind beginning thaestheticlookbook last year, I thought by now I’d be swimming in paid partnerships and collaborations. That is evidently not the case and that’s fine but it, has been one of the tough and challenging lessons I’ve had to learn.

You need to earn your seat at the table. Leading me nicely onto my next topic.



The two lessons I’ve learnt from my one year of blogging! 


Writing a blog post takes time! For me writing a blog post is something I really have to take time on (although sometimes I haven’t taken as much time as I should’ve ). I thought I would be churning out blog posts every other day, but hunny, with my 9-5 degree, there is not the time, energy or motivation to write. And there’s NOTHING wrong with that. I shouldn’t be stretching myself for a blog post. I will come and die for a blog post. 


You will fall victim to comparison. How you deal with it is the most important thing. I’ve said this in a previous video  and blog post . It’s a phrase we’ve all come to know and love (questionable?). Comparison is the thief of joy. My approach to this issue for every person living in this day and age, that has social media of any type.

Use it to force yourself to do better, or appreciate what you have.

Whether you’re going on 30, single and are seeing all your friends on Facebook getting engaged, having babies or buying houses and you might not have all of that. Or whether you’re 15 sat in Maths struggling scrolling through insta and seeing teen YouTube stars and questioning the point of Pythagoras when you could be travelling the world with Benefit. Or even if you’re a mama and your friends are showing their grandchildren on their WhatsApp profile, and you have none. Let all that information you’re taking in be re-channeled in a positive way.


You don’t have something that other person has. You want it? Strive to have it. You don’t actually want it? Look up from the screen and be happy with what you have. I think that as an aspiring blogger or general human with a phone that’s a lesson we all need to learn. And one I have to keep reminding myself of.

Overall I’m just proud I’ve stuck at this for a year. I’m proud I’ve kept going, although I constantly feel like giving up and get overwhelmed. And I’m glad I’ve had those of you reading my blog posts, here with me along the way. Hopefully this time next year I can come back and read this post having learnt even more. Let’s hope I make it that far!

Anyways, Thank you.