A Dishevelled Post

A Dishevelled Post

Let's all move past the fact that I've not blogged for over 2 months. It's been an intense year, but ya girl made it! I passed my first year of architecture, which I can't quite believe, to be honest, so I finally have the time to just create. Well, I have a few summer assignments but, you get the idea.

Anyways I was having a tough time being inspired with content and ideas and wrote this beginning of a blog post: 


You're sat on a cold, wet tile floor. Knees hugged up to your chest. You're staring up at this figure telling you what to and what not to do once you get in there. The line is divided, with the deep pool kids on the left and the kiddy pool kids on the right. The teachers ask if you got it. You all shout yes in unison. Up you get and continue towards the right. You're in the kiddy pool. 

I'm not a very good swimmer. I love swimming, I'm just not amazing at it. I realised this quite early on. Around year 4, when every Friday I'd be sat in the kiddy pool looking across at the 75% of my class doing dives, underwater games and just thriving in the big adult's pool. While I sat with the rest of my less water inclined classmates gripping a foam board for dear life trying to keep my head above water. Literally.

This is basically a massive metaphor for my life currently. I can barely seem to see how I'm going to swim across to the other end of the pool on my back, while I watch others who seem to have it all figured out, are so talented and are busting out butterfly strokes like it's nothing.

I've never learned the butterfly stroke. 

As you see can this was a pretty raw post, I just wrote it in my drafts, and never really got back into it, because thankfully I'm out of the kiddy pool and your girl is doing butterfly, leapfrog and every other stroke you can think of. Not literally, I'm no David Phelps. I've just found my stride. 


I've just found my stride....


With this newfound spring in my step (and time I haven't had in a while), I want to try to create as much as I can in this month-long vacay, which is so exciting for me, as I have so many ideas on how to capture Kenya as perfectly as I can.


Last time I visited the motherland was in 2015. So it's been a while and I was in such a different place and was such a different person then. I was an inconsiderate teenager who didn't appreciate where she was from, (so many issues to unpack there mostly stemming from Western media, but now isn't the time!)  because all her friends were at the Reading festival and she was in a hot car driving through what seemed to her at the time, boring green landscapes. Yeah I wasn't the most cooperative person on my last trip. Hence the disassociation through 3rd person. A2 English Lit come through.

But 3 years later, one week in and having a huge appreciation for my other home, I am very excited to show on this blog that there is more to Africa than mud huts, Comic relief and celebs crying about poverty. Why? well, this little storytime might help explain my motivation.


Last time I visited, I told a classmate a story that happened while I was out clothes shopping in Nairobi and they asked: "do shopping malls exist in Kenya?"

From that comment, I really began to think about the way Africa is viewed by other countries, namely western ones. 

I have always shied away from talking about certain issues on here and have saved them for kitchen table discussions with my family or with friends over lunch  in the library. Now I won't go into a giant spiel, otherwise, we'd be here for a while! But let me just say this, I am determined to show Kenya as more than just what you see on TV. Because, yes it is a developing country. But it's more than that. It's a place of beauty, endless opportunity and thriving amazing culture. So get ready because I want to show it off!

Keep your eyes peeled for some postcards!

If there is anything particular you guys want to see or not on my blog or Instagram while I'm traveling please let me know. I want to experiment as much as possible.